Hack Farm

horsing around
Golden Bay

  • Vaulting on Patons Rock Beach - great fun
  • swim with the horses
  • the Hacks with Chloe the Clyde
  • ride, play, fun Golden Bay

Hack Farm

Horse Activities and Accommodation - for Outrider


Hack'n Stay is dedicated to those who want to enjoy great horses and balanced riding. 

Bring your own horse or enjoy time with one of ours.
Ride bare back along the golden sands.
Swim with the horses in the sea or in crystal clear rivers.
Enjoy vaulting (acrobatics) on horses, learn riding while going places or in the safe arena.

Beach, mountain and river trail rides, short & long day or mutiple day rides in Golden Bay/ Abel Tasman/ New Zealand

Float and gear transport - we are pet friendly 

Hack Out Horse Rides

Riding, Vaulting, Cart Rides, Horsemanship Golden Bay

If you come from English, western, endourance, racing or pleasure riding

you can hit the trail - off the beaten tracks 

Short & Long Day Rides

from 1.5 to 7 hours of great experiences. Beginner, intermediate, advanced

individual or groups.

Learn riding while going places. 

For the wellbeing of our horses do we have a riders weight limit of 90 kg. The estimated times include the tacking up.

Multiple Day Rides

from 2 - 5 days of riding along horsome Golden Bay/ New Zealand. The star rides are based at Hack Farm we have every day a new destination.



Rolly Royce the vaulting horse


acrobatic, balance and fun on the moving horse builds up co-ordination and confidence for all ages.

Chloe the clyde in 4 wheeler

Cart Rides

harness your dreams with a clydesdale in a

4-wheeler or gig


what a buzz


join up  

ground work, relationship, confidence on the ground and than under saddle

Hack Inn Farm Stay

For Horses

Paddocks, hay, pens, arena, beach access. trails

Stunning riding and training options

For People

Farm Stay in cosy rooms or parking under the stars / Camping 

Great location

Map from the farm and camping

The Hacks

CHLOE the clydesdale 15.1 hh/ born 2000

CHLOE the clydey

I am the First Lady of the Hack Farm. I love FOOOOOOOD and water. I pull the big carts; not the sulky because I just do not fit between the shafts. Well, I can help you be a good aware rider because I like to eat along the way or sit down for a sea or river bath ;-)   

Jasper born 1994  15.1hh

joyful JASPER the clydey x

I came as a maturnity leave for Chloe and made myself a work place. As the oldest horse (born 1994) I have the most life experience and know how the job has to be done and of course I do it in my own pace, because in my heart I'm a too biiiiig Shetland pony! Always eager to go and I like everybody.

Super SONG born 1997  15.1 hh

super SONG the clydey x

I'm the little sister of Jasper and I'm here on a boot camp, because I have healths problems and need to exercise a lot. I'm very gentle and build up everybodys confidence. But doooon't ask me to fiddle around like a dressage horse in arenas, I just like to go places!

Mac 14.2 hh 7/ born 2011

marvellous MAC the arab

I am so full of fun and playful but these people are sometimes pretty annoyed when I chew on the gear - I don't understand why that is not ok. They're fussy, eh? I reeeeeeally love these humans and want to be with them all the time. You know. they have the gear to play with.  ;-) 

Brown Acre 17.2 hh born 2011

big BROWN ACRE the clydesdale

I am the young, shy and gentle giant out of the lot. I let the kids do all sorts of vaulting tricks on my wide back. So they will put me infront of a cart with my great, great auntie Chloe. Worrrrrk experience you know.

Midget 14.2 hh / born 2009

mighty MIDGET the sheep station pony

I come from Tangihau Station near Gisborne. I worked with thousands of sheep and their 5 shepherds. I am a bit tooooo small for those big guys, (my main shepherd, Lochie, is six foot four!) I can walk 12 km per hour which is why they called me Mighty Midget.      

Leonard /14.3hh/ born 2004

lovely LEONARD the gentle station Hack

I am stroooong and gentle and at 9 years old I am retired from sheep station work.  Plus those wild boys thought I was too boring for them! I like these Golden Bay beaches and eeeeverybody loves me.  If this is 'retirement', I like it.     

amazing ARNIE the Haflinger

I'm an Austrian, isn't that all you need to know? Some say I am the cutest here and I can't argue with that. But sometimes they forget how smart I am as well... there's no fence or gate that can hold me. I am still pretty young and need to learn a few things (i.e. not to roll in the sand with a rider on board). However that should not be a problem. I'm an Aaaaustrian remember.

Clydey Cobb x / born 30.11.14

cute CAPTAIN Hack

born 30.11.2014

out of CHLOE by Magic Man Welshcobb D-Section

I'm the baby and the superstar and rule the Hack world.

My mum Chloe  is a bit anoyed when I come and play wild, but one day I want to be just like her! I loooove big cousin MAC and Brown Acre. It seems they understand me well and even have the same chestnut color like me. People say we would hang out in colours  - jep, weeeeee are the chaps. 

happy HACK, the Family

Yes - HACK is really our surname.

For us living and ´horsing` around in Golden Bay is our chosen home place. We come from traditional English riding and changed in the late 80s into natural horsemanship. Horses, ponies, milking cow, calves, chooks, ....

These 13 hectares of bush, hills, paddocks and a great Hack-Track to Patons Rock Beach are horseome to us and we love to share them with you.

15.3 hh born 2009

reliable REDWING the Quarter horse x Arab

I was born 2009  I am very social, friendly and always goodlooking horse who is still searching for my place in the herd. If you are an experienced, soft rider I am the best choice for you.

15.2 hh  born 2009

beautiful BRUNNER the Appaloosa

I had an accident when I was  baby and damaged one of my eyes. Bumma, some mistakes are we doing just once, eh? I am very elegant. I lower my head a bit more to check things out and love to go for a lovely ride along the sands. Crawling over the rocks is not what I like most, a role in the sand instead would be juuuuust fine. I even dont mind if you sit on me :) 

Sigrid born  2009

small SIGRID the gypsy vanner x

I will be a therapeutic pony and carry i. e. my breeder who is  a paraplegic for a ride. I am proud to help her back onto horse back.

In the mean time do I also help  with the hacktivities at the farm. Even as the smalest of the Hacks does it not mean i am to overlooooook.

talented TEE the Quarter horse x Appaloosa

I am a nice little riding horse from Rockville Golden Bay. My owner got a baby therefore is not enough time for me left.  I am very gentle and know my way home. They say i would have a barn compas. Well I think it is good orientation. What do you reckon?

lucky LUKE the Quarterhorse

I came here 2017 so the oldies Jasper and Song have help. At first it seemed I couldn't do it..but I'm always good for surprise!Now I'm even carrying beginners and love it. I'm a biiig boy and be pretty muscular as well. Don't let that scare you. I'm gentle and love those humans. I found the perfect job. Ride on..


Hack (hæk)

noun: a horse used for pleasure riding or driving

verb: hacking, to hack; ride a horse

name:  Hack 

definition; Hippo (ancient Greek) meaning horse

c. Latin equus, Old English eoh, Maori hoiho



until then...

Horsely Yours 

Hack us

If you are interested in wwoofing or beeing a horse related working student at the Hack Farm, read this first.

Email address *
Email address *

Where are we and how to get there

  • 11 km out of Takaka / Golden Bay / New Zealand
  • 800m from Patons Rock Beach via the winding nature Hack-Track 
  • 60m elevation, 360 degree Golden Bay views.
  • Bus transport -  http://goldenbaycoachlines.co.nz



22 Grant Road

Takaka RD2

(+64) 3 525 9434 / 27 525 9434


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